Oregon Park incorporates open spaces which will improve the current street scape. This space will include areas of hard landscaping complemented by modern planting, seating and lighting and will feature contemporary works of art. The impact of the building and its effect on the environment has been significantly mitigated by design and construction with the goal of achieving a BREEAM “Excellent” rating. This will be achieved by enhancement of all aspects of the building design, including the installation of highly efficient heating and cooling systems using a ground sourced heat pump system.


Access control systems utilize proximity readers and are installed at all vehicular and pedestrian entry and exit points. Access control is HID – RP40 compliant.


The design intent for the general office space is to achieve a noise criteria of NR 38.


The building has a BREEAM target certification rating of “Excellent”


The external elevations comprise top-quality and highly-efficient curtain and modular walling. The curtain walling is double-glazed with dual seal construction with the outer pane manufactured to repel solar gains.


A fully automated intelligent Building Management System will switch, control and monitor the building’s environmental services and associated back-up systems. The BMS is routed to a front end PC located in the building management suite. Individual tenants can request specific levels of temperature, fresh air, and lighting control; the system will fully monitor the status and performance of oil M&E plant and essential services.


A CCTV system will meet the security requirements of the overall development. Tenants are responsible for the security of their own premises. The main building system is expandable and is capable of on-site and off-site management.


Metal and mineral fiber suspended ceiling systems, nominal 600 x 600 and 1200 x 300 mm micro perforated tiles laid flush into semi-recessed regular frame section grid. Metal panels with PPC finish and acoustic infill.


Four-pipe fan coil units are provided in all general office areas. Allowance will be made for 10% of the lettable floor area to be meeting rooms. All fan coil systems and controls to office areas are laid out for maximum flexibility and are capable of future adaptation by tenants. All tenant shafts are invididually metered and capped for the future tenant’s use. 4×10 kW per floor are provided for individual tenant IT cooling systems


Basement Communication Room is provided with dual entry available and additional entry for further service providers with local infrastructure.


The principal design parameters adopted for the mechanical and electrical services installation are:


External Design Conditions:
• Winter: -15°C, 95% RH
• Summer: 35.3 °C , dry 35% RH


Internal Design Conditions:
• Open Offices, meeting rooms, toiletsWinter: 20 °C ± 1 °C
• Summer: 24°C ± 2°C


Corridors, lobbies
• Winter: 18 °C ± 1 °C
• Summer: Uncontrolled


Canteen seating area
• Winter: 18 °C ± 1 °C
• Summer: 24°C ± 3°C


Design Occupancy
• Open plan offices: 1 person per 8 m2 net
• Meeting rooms: 1 person per 5 m2 net for 10% of the floor area
• Canteen seating area: 1 person per 4.5 m2


All statutory regulations governing the design of office buildings for the use by disabled persons are met. Disabled WCs are provided at each level.


The main public entrances incorporate electric powered revolving doors with disabled access pass doors to the side. The floor is finished in ceramic tiles and the reception desk will be modern and complimentary.


The surrounding public lighting makes the location welcoming and safe, day and night.


A fully addressable fire detection system, mains powered, with battery back-up, compliant with local fire regulations, is provided with automatic detection in all areas to meet the requirements of all appropriate authorities.


The following loading allowances are as follows:
Floors – 2.5 kN/m2 plus an allowance of 1.0kN/m2
for partitions, 0 25kN/m2 for suspended ceilings,
0.50kN/m2 for raised floors and 0.35kN/m2 for
services installations
10% of floor area will have an enhanced imposed
design loading of 5.0 kN/m2
Plant Rooms 5.0 kN/m2
Car parks and ramps 2.5 kN/m2
storage 5.0kN/m2


Water and drainage connections are provided in four locations at each floor level to facilitate tenant’s tea stations.


The bank of eight lifts form part of the central core. Operated on a Destination Control System and linked to security turnstiles in the entrance. A dual purpose passenger and goods lift, serving all office floors is provided, and is accessible from the loading bay at basement level. The DCS system brings the nearest lift to the person and saves waiting time and electricity.


High efficiency LED luminaires will be used in office and parking areas to provide a very efficient, up to date lighting system. Installation design is to CIBSE LG7 to provide a high-quality environment achieving enhanced comfort use and wall washing where practical. Motion detection control is used in areas which are temporary occupied such as parking, staircases and toilets for energy savings.


Intelligent lighting, designed to assist in achieving CIBSE LG7 compliance.
General offices 450 lux
Lift lobbies 200 lux
Toilets / staircases 150 to 200 lux
Storage rooms 100 lux
Plant rooms/Car park 75-150 lux


All insulation, including wall, roof, floor, pipework and ductwork insulation to be CFC, HFC and HCFC free, with an ozone depletion of zero. All internal and external timber either softwood or hardwood shall be managed from certified and sustainable sources. Calcium Plumbate, red lead or any paint or primer containing lead will not be used. Materials or substances generally known to be deleterious to health and safety will not be used.


New incoming mains water service with boosted distribution service and local electric domestic hot water services for WCs. The electrical supply for Oregon Park will be via a new 20kV ring connection system connected to Pipera Station. Each building will have its own substation with separate metering on MV side. New incoming gas service for the heating plant is provided.


Office services, though installed to an open plan configuration, are designed to generally suit and reflect a planning grid of 1.5 metres, and to be set out as far as is practicable to maximize space planning flexibility and an optimum degree of cellular occupancy


The building has a 150 mm raised floor zone in all general office floors.


The staircase balustrading shall be powder-coated galvanized steel. The main staircase with high quality ceramic skirting and ceramic treads is fully decorated to facilitate circulation by tenants.


Space is provided and allowance made for future adaptation within the basement. The basement plant room allows the installation of standby power generation for the occupier, subject to technical compatibility and approval of the landlord.


Power and lighting supplies for all areas are provided and metered at low voltage from the landlord’s supply network on each floor. 25% spare capacity is provided in terms of cable sizes and switchboards dimensions. The vertical distribution busbar has low impendance with appropriate rating. Each floor is provided with four individually metered switchboards with remote signaling to BMS. All electrical meters are compliant with the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) which gives the tenant confidence that read values are the right values also.


Fully skimmed, dry-lined, matt emulsioned decorated walls are provided throughout. Ceramic skirtings are provided to staircases.


WC cubicle divisions are full height painted plasterboard or HPL panels, full height doors. Mirrors and white opaque glass panels adjacent to vanity units with grey laminate access panels below. Full height veneered cubicle doors and stop panels with stainless steel ironmongery. Floors shall be high quality ceramic tiles with skirtings to match floor finish. White vitreous china, under slung basins. Chrome finished mono block automatic mixer taps. Air blowers and/or towel feeders. Disabled toilets are provided adjacent to the main toilet cores and each includes a shower and changing facility.