Oregon park has been designed in accordance with the highest office construction standards and incorporates open spaces which improve the current streetscape. The 3 buildings are a combination of high specifications, efficient and flexible office space with great focus on low energy consumption. All of that is delivered in a pleasant, attractively landscaped plot of almost 4 hectares. This space includes areas of hard landscaping complemented by modern planting, seating, and natural lighting and features contemporary works of art.

Oregon park offers excellent road links to Bucharest city centre, the city’s main residential areas and the international airport. There are also 2 metro stations, multiple tram and bus stops in close proximity. There are no immediate high-rise neighboring buildings and all indoor and outdoor spaces have excellent natural light. The floor plates are regularly shaped, large and flexible.

In addition to accessibility and the commercial microenvironment the office space is designed to be energy efficient. There are many ways to be environmentally conscious but the focus at Oregon park is on the reduction of energy consumption via practical and sustainable means. The 3 buildings are BREEAM certified which means great attention to health and well-being of workers, energy efficiency, transport, use of water, waste treatment, use and sourcing of construction materials and ecological land use.

Robust materials selected for low environmental impact over life cycle. Responsibly sourced concrete and insulation. Low environmental impact insulation materials.


Land use and ecology
Development of land that was previously of low ecological value. The ecological value of the site is enhanced with new plants and trees.


• Low emission boiler plan
• Low flood risk location
• Minimized watercourse pollution risk
• External LED lighting designed to reduce night time
light pollution
• Noise attenuation

Health and well-being
• Internal and external lighting to EU best practice
• Occupant controlled lighting, heating and cooling systems
• Optional natural / window ventilation
• Indoor air quality – air intakes away from sources of pollution


Water and waste
• Water efficient sanitary appliances (self-stopping taps, low-flush wcs) Dyson hand dryers, no paper towel waste
• Water consumption and water leak management monitored by BMS
• Recyclable waste storage, waste separation


Ground Sourced Heat Pump - a complex system combining a ground sourced heat pump is designed to provide pre-cooling and pre-heating to all office space + IT rooms to minimize carbon emissions.